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Amphibians: LEAPfrog global fiction prize winner

Amphibians Cover.png
'A compelling, wise and beautiful book' - Ramona Ausubel, author of A Guide to Being Born

The Winner of the Leapfrog Global Fiction Prize, Amphibians is a collection of stories which invites further contemplation of female physicality—what it means to reside in a female form.


An amphibious aircraft crashes in Maine, a young girl skinny-dips with her elders, a distraught cruise ship dancer boards a water taxi in Grenada, and travelers to Dubai and Abu Dhabi long for familiar oceans; back in New England, small-town artists try to smudge out their tedium with seaside transgressions. Amphibians celebrates home in a cross-cultural way, and the sensation of feeling not quite right in one’s own skin, on land and near water, at home and abroad.

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