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Past Winners 

The winner in the Adult Fiction category for 2021 is But First You Need A Plan by K.L. Anderson. The winners in the Young Adult category for 2021 are My Sister Lives in the Sea and Lost River, 1918 by Faith Shearin. 

2020: Wife With Knife by Molly Giles
2019: Amphibians by Lara Tupper
2018: Vanishing: Five Stories by Cai Emmons
2018: Why No Goodbye? by Pamela L. Laskin*
2017: Trip Wires: Stories by Sandra Hunter
2016: The Quality of Mercy by Katayoun Medhat
2015: Report from a Place of Burning by George Looney
2015: The Solace of Monsters by Laurie Blauner
2014: The Lonesome Trials of Johnny Riles by Gregory Hill
2013: Going Anywhere by David Armstrong
2012: Being Dead in South Carolina by Jacob White
2012: Lone Wolves by John Smelcer*
2011: Dancing at the Gold Monkey by Allen Learst
2010: How to Stop Loving Someone by Joan Connor
2010: Riding on Duke’s Train by Mick Carlon*
2009: Billie Girl by Vickie Weaver

Titles with an * indicate Young Adult | Middle Grade category

These titles can be bought in the United States and Canada online here.

These titles can be bought in the United Kingdom online here 

Please support your local bookshops whenever possible.

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