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Can of Worms is developing its first feature film: REvolution!

REVolution is a feature film inspired by the extraordinary true story of the kidnapping of world motor racing champion Juan Manuel Fangio by Fidel Castro’s 26th July movement on the eve of the 1958 Cuban Grand Prix in Havana, nine months before the overthrow of dictator Batista on 31st December 1958 by the revolutionary forces.

“It was immediately obvious that they were kidnappers. Fangio said, 'Don't take him, take me'.”

Juan Manuel Fangio

Havana in 1958 is a place of savage beauty, with crime and violence bubbling underneath a dazzling surface of colour, Caribbean music and gorgeous sports cars. Cuba is about to explode into revolution but Havana continues to party like never before.

There are many undercurrents in the film which the storyline works through: the impending arrival of the new Cuban government; the collapse of the Batista regime; the significance and impact of American wealth, as represented by the casinos and the cars; the duplicity of the British, dealing in arms with Batista until the very end; and overall, the yearning of a people to be free.

To see a teaser for the film, click on the images below

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