Can of Worms Sets Sail with Seven Ships

Can of Worms is delighted to announce the acquisition of seven books on the seafaring sagas of Britain’s most famous ships and voyagers.

The Seven Ship Maritime History series, written by Kevin Jackson, will launch under the TSB imprint later this year on September 16th to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower setting sail from Plymouth to the New World and will publish in the United States on the 11th November, the date the ship laid anchor in Cape Cod.


Mayflower: The Voyage from Hell is the first of the seven titles. “The commemoration of the sailing is a timely reminder in a time of increased suppression of human migration”, says publisher Tobias Steed. “Jackson looks at the reality behind the mythic status of the Mayflower - and the journey that 'created' the New World. Most of the voyagers of that famed 1620 crossing of the Atlantic were not in fact religious pilgrims, but people intent on forging a better life for themselves in the virgin territory of America's east coast. 130 hardy souls were confined in a space no bigger than a tennis court, braving the 'Northern' crossing, without any firm idea of what awaited them in the New World. Jackson’s is a riveting account of the sailing that changed the world.”


Also being published in September will be: Darwin’s Odyssey: The Voyage of the Beagle (which was launched from Woolwich Dockyard 200 years ago this week) will publish simultaneously and on 26th September, The Queen’s Pirate: Sir Francis Drake and the Golden Hind, commemorating the 440th anniversary of Drake’s arrival into Plymouth in 1580 after his successful circumnavigation of the world.


The four remaining titles will be published in 2021/22, with titles on: Captain Cooke and the HMS Endeavour, Sir Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance, Captain Bligh and the HMS Bounty, and Lord Nelson and the HMS Victory.


Events to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower will be taking place throughout the year with special events in Plymouth in September.


About the Author: Kevin Jackson is a prolific writer, broadcaster and film-maker. His previous books include Constellation of Genius: 1922 and All That Jazz (Farrar Strauss Giroux), Humphrey Jennings (Picador) among others. He lives in Cambridge, England


The Seven Ships Series will be published in paperback with maps and illustrations, RRP £7.99 and 128pp. TSB / Can of Worms is distributed to the trade through GBS in the UK and Two Rivers in the US. Sales is through The Manning Partnership.