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Nelson's victory


*The fourth installment of the Seven Ships Maritime History series*

Horatio Nelson has long been an iconic historic figure, but in Nelson's Victory his loves, losses, triumphs, and tribulations are given new life. From a passionate youth sailing the West Indies, to his famous victory and death at the battle of Trafalgar, this is a story of a life at sea and at war, as well as a shining light on the life and mind of one of Britain's greatest maritime heroes.

Crafted to tell the stories of Britain's greatest ships, this installation of the Seven Ships series tells the story of Nelson's flagship Victory, which would lead the defeat of France and Spain in 1805, as well as the boy, the man, the admiral who would lead it into battle on the high seas. A thrilling account of Nelson's life, his ships, the seas he sailed, and the nations which were changing and evolving around him. A genuine page-turner recounting the life of a Clergyman's son who would go on to become a hero and a defining figure of British maritime history.

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