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Can of Worms has a number of book imprints, including TSB, Can of Worms Press, Can of Worms Kids Press, Civic Books and Word of Mouth. Between them they have won numerous awards including The BBC Radio 4 Food Programme's Cookbook of the Year, and The National Trust/Daily Telegraph Outdoor Book of the Year and as finalists in the National Jewish Book Award, ALCS Education Award (twice) among others. 

"Kevin Jackson's 'Mayflower - the voyage from hell' is a timely and absorbing account of the three thousand mile, sixty-five day voyage through storms and headwinds of a small converted cargo ship which landed, much further north than intended, on November 9th 1620, in Plymouth Harbour, Cape Cod. There are countless myths about the voyage - including the very existence of a stepping-stone called Plymouth Rock, which was actually invented 121 years later - and Jackson's balanced narrative steers a well-researched course through fact and fable, taking us safely to the arrival of the intrepid Saints and Strangers in New England. All in all, this is a genial companion to the four-hundredth anniversary..."

Sir Christopher Frayling, writer and award-winning broadcaster, Professor Emeritus of Cultural History at the Royal College of Art and Fellow of Churchill College Cambridge

"An unexpected delight. It is an ideal mixture of taking me into the lives of producers and also telling me how to cook well."

Sheila Dillon, presenter R4 Food Programme

The Borough Market Cookbook, published by Civic Books, was Sheila Dillon’s pick for the Radio 4 Food Programme’s Cookbook of the Year. The book is the result of a wonderful collaboration of devotees of the world famous London market celebrating food and cooking. 101 plus recipes cover canapes, starters, main courses and signature dishes sourced from the producers and traders who are relentlessly passionate about their livestock and livelihood and for whom provenance is paramount.

"The series constitutes an excellent unpatronising introduction to Shakespeare."

The Financial Times

Graphic Shakespeare, published by Can of Worms Press, welcomes Shakespeare's plays in full folio editions; nothing has been added, nothing has been taken away, none of Shakespeare’s poetic verse has been dumbed-down. These inventive re-imaginings of Shakepeare’s plays are a must-have for schools, libraries and any literature or graphic novel enthusiast.

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