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Written by Larry Hench. Illustrated by Nathan Szerdy.


HELP. WHITE. CAT. DEATH. HURRY. When Professor George receives this puzzling message from lost explorers deep in the Amazon rainforest, he takes Boing-Boing the Bionic Cat and Daniel along for their wildest adventure so far. Running wild rapids, side-stepping slithering snakes and much more, they must face danger like never before if they wish to save the explorers before it is too late! But with a few new tricks for the Bionic Cat and a new friend, Bit-Bit the Bionic Butterfly, Boing-Boing may yet be able to save the day! As the team journeys down the Amazon River, join Daniel in his exploration of this amazing land of exotic animals and lost tribes and learn why the Amazon is endangered and truly deserves saving. 


"Boing-Boing is a welcome relief to the majority of children's science books." - 21st Century Science

Boing-Boing the Bionic Cat and the Amazon Crisis

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£5.59Sale Price
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