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Lost River is an extraordinary work of art. It is a story of death and rebirth, borrowing from myth and fairy tale, but also conjuring up literary texts from Frankenstein and Dracula, from Southern Gothic to Magical Realism. Yet it remains entirely itself, not quite like anything else I’ve read. The prose is rich and delicate, the characters memorable, the story immersive. It has the feel of an instant classic.” Anthony McGowan, Carnegie Medal Winner for Lark and Leapfrog Global Fiction Prize YA Judge 2021. 

Lost River is the story of the Van Beest family, which inherits a house at the edge of a magical forest where the dead return from the afterlife. When 10-year-old Anne’s mother, a midwife, delivers a stillborn baby and her father, a mortician, accidentally brings that infant back to life, the Van Beests find themselves at the center of a drama that raises questions about the relationship between the living and the dead. 

Lost River 1918

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