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Produced and published by Can of Worms for SALIDAA (the South Asian Arts and Literature Diaspora) the organisation's chair wrote the following: "It gives me great pleasure to congratulate all the creative contributors, facilitators and fellow sponsors of Raj and Rajni on behalf of the trustees of SALIDAA. As an archive for South Asian arts and literature in the Diaspora it is highly unusual for us to assume the role of a publisher and this may well be a sole endeavour.

Any publication, however small, takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and patience, especially if it emerges out of a community project involving three different organisations. Although from conception to completion the time span for this story has been relatively brief, it has needed concerted effort and collaboration.

We all came together with nothing but a slim hope that members of Deesha might be interested in a storytelling project, which Ravi Randhawa conceived and pitched to them as part of her RLF Fellowship for SALIDAA. It was designed to enable members of a literacy group to create a story they could tell their children. This unusually beautiful and pertinent story emerged in group sessions facilitated by Ravi with the support of an interpreter. Having drawn the story from this talented group, Ravi launched into all the hard work involved in a publication. The result is a pleasure. That Deesha members can now share their story with readers anywhere in the world makes it very special indeed. Our profound thanks to Deesha, Toynbee Hall, Papia Hussain, Sanjay Sood, Ravi Randhawa and, most importantly, the Royal Literary Fund, for making it possible."

Rukhsana Ahmad (Chair of the Board of Trustees). 

Registered charity no:  1081584.    

Raj & Rajni

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