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Sport, in the hilarious fictional world of P. G. "Plum" Wodehouse, is not exclusively about sweaty blokes in shorts, flannels or garish pullovers. Being a tidy sportsman himself, Plum brings the ups and downs of playing the game vividly to life as few other writers can, for to him they were all part of the broader human comedy. So settle down in your deskchair with the second of Paul Kent's occassional essays on Woedhousean subjects - it's a trophy-winner! 


"This is a magnificent book. Kent's erudition, scholarship, and easy turn of phrase makes it a must read for Wodehouse fans young and old... Reading this book was an utter joy." 

- Davis Cazalet, P. G. Wodehouse's great grandson. 


Further titles in preparation

Wodehouse on … Hollywood, Money, Family, Class, Shakespeare and Crime & Punishment.

What Ho! P. G. Wodehouse on Sport

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