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Mission:Explore Ninth Anniversary

It is the ninth anniversary of the publication of the first Mission:Explore book.

Can of worms was absolutely delighted to work with and be part of the wonderful Geography Collective. Spearheaded by the equally wonderful Daniel Raven-Ellison, who is now overseeing the advent of London becoming the first National Park City (see our charity page for further details) and noted geographer Alan Parkinson. With illustrations by the enormously talented Inky Mess a.k.a. Tom Morgan-Jones and production under the watchful eye of Helen Steer, the first Mission:Explore book went on to win numerous awards including the National Trust Hay Festival Outdoors Book of the Year, runner-up for the ALCS Education Book of the Year and was the basis for winning the Ordnance Survey GeoVision Award.

Can of Worms is offering some special discounted packages that includes the following Mission:Explore books, to qualify for FREE shipping to UK addresses please use promo code Mission:Explore when checking out:

Mission:Explore Camping and Mission:Explore on the Road normally £10 is available for £7 including shipping to the UK. Buy here.

Mission:Explore Food normally £20 is available including shipping to the UK for just £15 Buy here.

and finally you can buy all of the above, Mission:Explore Camping, Mission:Explore on the Road, and Mission:Explore Food for just £20 including shipping to the UK. Buy here.

We had a lot of fun with The launch of the first Mission explore book and we would like to share the following videos made at that time.

Mission:Explore Gorilla Marketing

Mission:Explore Book Launch

The Mission:Explore concept has also been adopted by a variety of organisations to help build awareness and educate, among them, The John Muir Trust, the RSPB, National Geographic, and are available for teachers as resources on the TES Resource site.

Finally, a huge thanks do all who have made Mission explore what it is, do please share this with any of your friends and educators.

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