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What Ho! Incoming P. G. Wodehouse News!

What Ho! P. G. Wodehouse on Food is now available on the Can of Worms shop for £6.99!

“Wooster”, those who know me have sometimes said, “may be a pretty total loss during the daytime hours, but plunge the world in darkness, switch on the soft lights, uncork the champagne and shove a dinner into him, and you’d be surprised.”

The hilarious fictional world of P. G. “Plum” Wodehouse is a gourmand’s paradise. From Bertie Wooster demolishing Sylphides à la Crème d’Écrevisses, to Lord Emsworth tucking into a well-jammed roly-poly pudding, to a schoolboy toasting a muffin at the study fire, “browsing and sluicing” is not simply eating and drinking but a daily celebration of being alive. How many other writers actually make their readers feel hungry? Plum can … and does, while alerting them to the perils of overconsumption, dieting and food fads. So grab yourself a half bot of something half decent and settle back with this, the first of Paul Kent’s occasional amuse-bouches on Wodehousean themes. Bon appétit!

Join the What Ho! club to get this book and the further titles (9 titles in all) for £30. By joining this subscription, you will get the books as they come out with free shipping as well as access to bimonthly book clubs with the author, Paul Kent.

Further titles in preparation:

Wodehouse on … Sport, Love, Hollywood, Money,

Family, Class, Shakespeare and Crime & Punishment.

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