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Written by Sheila Molloy. 


When James gets a new black Labrador called Jack he hopes his terrible nightmares about a dog rescuing him from a red mist will cease. Courageous, loyal and smart, Jack is everything a boy could wish for and more--a dog with the power of speech. When Jack reveals his secret to James he not only startles his master but also breaks Dog Lore. As a result Jack has to travel through the sky to the secret land of Canis the King of the Dogs to accept his punishment. Canis tells Jack that he will have to endure three tests of courage involving water, evil and fire to fulfil his special destiny. Fueled by his bravery and his love for James, Jack's journey turns out to be both a wonderful and terrifying destiny indeed. Illustrated with charming drawings by Michael Molloy, this book will have you begging for more.

Jack King of the Dogs

£5.99 Regular Price
£4.79Sale Price
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