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Photographed by George Nicholson. 


Made in Southwark


Every village in London needs its own character and idiosyncrasies, and Southwark, perhaps more like a town than a village, has Pullens Yards with its diversity of handmade activities.


Any intelligent observer of community life will tell you that this is an extraordinarily valuable quality, and must be nurtured and cherished whatever the cost.


Everybody has celebrated the explosion of interest and energy that the revitalization of Borough Market has caused. Pullens Yards and its craft based industries is a comparable case for sensitive encouragement rather than belligerent bureaucracy. The diversity of Southwark is one of its greatest qualities, and was one of the reasons that I spent a large part of my life bringing the totally derelict Butlers Wharf back to life. This has now become an area of design and restaurants, just as Borough Market has become London’s specialist food area and Pullens Yards can further develop its reputation as a centre of London’s hand crafts.


Southwark should be extraordinarily proud of its cultural developments over the last twenty years. With Tate Modern, the Globe, the Fashion Museum, the Design Museum and many other creative activities—Pullens Yards must continue to be one of them.


-Terence Conran

Made in Southwark: A Photographic Celebration of the Hand

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